The Beginning of the End

Charles WolffUpon deciding where to go with or even start up blogging again, I ended up at this point, still unsure of what direction to take this in. However, I know that I have strong opinions on many a subject and I am entitled to my opinions just as much as the next person and I have read many a Blogs where I thought the point of view of the writer was just asinine or invalid within the real world context of things, so why not do a Blog myself.

Being an expert at process improvement, account management, call center management and several other types of business streamlining and operations management and you would think that is where I would start my Blog but I do not think that is the direction I want to go at this time.

On that note, I think I will write my Blog for myself and not any specific targeted audience. If you read one of my posts and glean something from it, that is great. If you disagree, leave a comment and let me know. I love a good debate.

Until the next Post

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