Dad’s Day Off

This post was taken from my old Blog and added here. It was originally written six years ago.

I finally took a day off just to relax and get away from the stress of it all. First thing this morning Knight decided he did not want to go to school and spend the day with his friends. He said he wanted to stay with me. This was cool, it is not very often that I spend time with just him and I. After the inevitable fussing that goes along with getting a 2 year old ready for the day we decided to head off for the zoo.

The trip from our house to the zoo is approximately 20 to 30 minutes but with Knight it seams to take over an hour as he is at the stage where he asks what is or what is in each and every building that you pass. Knight likes to go downtown because of the ‘towers’. He is fascinated by the tall buildings and if you let him he would go off and explore each and every one of them.

Knight really likes the zoo and polar bears are his favorite animals, therefore that is the first stop we had planned to make, that is until he seen the seals. They were very noisy today and Knight spent a few minutes yelling back at them and watching them frolic in the water and on the rocks. Knight always wants to get in the pens with the animals especially if there is water involved. Needless to say we do not allow this (Think of the animals!). We then headed off for the polar bear exhibit which more often than not only has 1 polar bear (I do not even know if our zoo has more than 1 as I do not ever recall seeing a second). That is fine with Knight though as I do not believe he would be able to hold a conversation with both of them at the same time. He loves to comment on everything they do and talk to them.

After our lengthy stay at the polar bear exhibit he wanted to go to see the walruses. There was no evidence of even 1 walrus not alone multiple walrie. Knight was disappointed as he likes to watch them swim around from the underground tank window. Knight did ask if he could go swimming though (did I mention it is like 42° outside?). I explained to him why he could not go swimming and he seamed satisfied with the answer for the moment and he headed off towards the inside aquarium exhibit.

Once inside the doors Knight was hesitant to go any farther as it is rather dark when you first go in and the noise of the waterfalls they have on either side of the entrance ramp kind of scares him until you explain once again what it is, then he is fine with it. After the explanation Knight ran off down the ramp yelling SHARK! SHARK! SHARK! which took a little girl that was standing with her face against the glass of the aquarium by surprise and made her jump for her mothers leg and hang on for dear life. Knight still does not understand the meaning of ‘inside voice’ even though he agreed that he was being loud. We arrived at the tank just in time for feeding. Knight asked me what the fish were eating. I had to admit to him that I had no idea. It looked as though huge cubes of tofu was being dropped into the tank but I doubt that is what it was. Knight decided that it was ‘fish food’ (now why hadn’t I thought of that). After watching the shark feeding frenzy we moved on to the eels and other assortment of fish which did not hold his attention at all. Knight decided he wanted to move onto the ‘Penguns’.

The ‘Penguns’ as he calls them only ever keeps his attention for a short period of time, so he moved on to the underwater tank where you can watch the seals play and swim by the ‘window’. Notice above where I mentioned ‘HE’ moved on to see the seals. After finally catching up to him and explaining for the 50,000th time that he has to stay with me, he took his usual seat on the ledge of the tank to watch the seals and sea lions swim by. Once again I had to explain why he could not go swimming with the seals. That was it for him, if he could not go play with the seals it was time to head off for the dolphins.

The dolphin exhibit is closed as they are rebuilding the entire tank. Knight was not happy about that at all until he seen the playground equipment. Knight spent about 5 minutes going down the slide until I decided we needed to get out of the cold for a while and get us something to eat. Of course Knight wanted a hotdog and fries. I ordered a hamburger and fries and what Knight ended up with is a hotdog, chips, animal crackers, and a lion shaped juice drink, which he hardly even touched. He did eat my fries though. I was left with a rock hard hamburger and a hotdog that had been squished to within inches of being reverted back to its original state. Oh well, at least it was warm inside.

After our lunch/snack we went off to see the horses, bunny rabbits, grizzly bears, tigers, and monkeys. None of which Knight paid much attention to, but insisted he was not cold and did not want to leave. As a last resort I reminded Knight that there was a store at the exit and he jumped on that idea and ran with it literally. He was rather disappointed that there was not one dinosaur in the gift shop as that is what he really wanted. He ended up choosing a plastic alligator head on a stick that you can make open and close its mouth with a lever at the bottom of the stick. Of course he decided that this was something that you use to pick up more things that you want to take with you.

As we were getting in the car I received a call from my accounting department letting me know that my per-diem check was ready from a trip I took last week. Just as I was explaining to the nice lady that I was not in the office today Knight decided that he wanted to go to work with me (Knight is fascinated with my workplace because there are so many people he can interact with). After the long drive to the other side of town to my workplace it was easy to tell that it was way past time for Knight’s nap. I picked up my check and stopped by my bosses office to see if there was anything that he needed while I was there. There wasn’t, but Knight decided he could talk my boss out of a red corvette that he had sitting next to his computer, and did. By the time we left the parking lot Knight was dead asleep.

That’s it, that’s all, a very uneventful day, but I got to spend time with my son which is one of the greatest joys in my life.

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