Recruiting/Staffing Agencies & Lessons Learned

The answers below represent some of the lessons learned over the last 10 years with different recruiting/staffing agencies that we have done business with.

What do you wish a recruiter had told you?
I wish several of the agencies would have told me that they really didn’t care about the quality of employees that they sent us. They were just shooting for quantity and hoping for the best.

What do you think about external Recruiters?
I believe that a good recruiter is an invaluable asset to an organization. However, a recruiter has to be selected based upon the business and its needs and not just any recruiter can fill the role. The recruiter must be able to understand the business model, goals, and needs and take 100% ownership over ensuring staffing requirements are met with each and every candidate.

How do you choose the Best Recruiting Company?
We currently let any available staffing company come in to our business and meet with each team to understand what each area is charged with doing. Including work flow, skill sets, team mentality and overall business model. If the agency feels that they can fill open positions with qualified candidates we allow them to do so and evaluate each employee they send. We track all hires by agency and provide each agency with a quality scorecard on a monthly basis.

What do you look for in a Recruiting Company?
We look for a recruiting company that is willing to be as vested in our business as our own internal recruiter is. They must understand every aspect of all positions that they recruit for. They are also held 100% accountable for all new hires they bring in. If the person is found not to be qualified or is under performing then they must replace free of charge or work to up-train the person themselves.

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