Camping at Lake Patoka

Knight and I both love to go camping and this past year we were able to go a few times. When we go camping we tend to always end up at Lake Patoka in French Lick. We have a nice spot where unless you’re local to the area or find it accidentally then you will most likely never end up there. It is quiet, clean and best of all, it is right on the lake as you can see from the pictures below.

Thanks to Craigslist and a nice gentleman from Bloomington I was able to barter a particular item I had for a 17′ Guide canoe. It is very heavy and hard to get onto and off of the car by myself but Knight loves being able to jump in the car on any given weekend and go canoeing, so it is worth the hernia or two I get loading it up.

These pictures are from our second trip to the lake because on our first trip it was either raining cats and dogs or it was 100 degrees and we were in the water either way.

Perhaps in a later post I will put up some of our pictures from our White River canoe trips. You would think with it being White River and in Indianapolis that there would be nothing interesting to photograph but that is not the case.

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