The Onion

If you have never read one of The Onion’s news articles I have to ask you “where have you been”? I have been reading The Onion online since the website launched in 1996 and it is one of my favorite news parody web sites. However, I must say that calling The Onion a news parody site does not do it justice as most of the time they are closer to the truth than the real story.

No matter how many PCs I have been through or how many times I have had to reinstall my OS, I have always had The Onion bookmarked as one of  my ‘Favorites’. To allow you the ease of finding all things related to The Onion including the history of The Onion on Wikipedia, I have listed out the more popular links below.

Have fun and enjoy The Onion on a daily basis. It will make you laugh until you cry.

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