Spend Quality Time With Your Children

After writing my post “An open letter to the parents of all school aged children” I was trying to figure out what I could do to get more parents involved with their children’s lives and not just by spending time with them but by spending “Quality Time” with them.

So, what I came up with is this; Using my favorite social media applications, Twitter and 4Square I have decided to challenge anyone that reads this post to take their children to the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis this Saturday Feb. 26, between 10:00a.m.–3:00p.m. for the Engineer’s Day event (which you can read more about here http://ht.ly/41T5U)  and follow the below rules and I will personally buy a randomly selected person one of the following packages for the Indy 500. Winner to select Package choice to receive.

Package #1
1 Ticket to Carb Day
1 Ticket to the Race

Package #2
2 Tickets to Carb Day

Package #3
2 Tickets to the Race


All of the following have to happen this Saturday Feb. 26th, 2011 between 10:00a.m.–3:00p.m.

Using 4Square – Check in to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum

Using 4Square – Shout “I am spending Quality Time w/my children at ICM!”

Using Twitter – Follow my account @charleswolff

Using Twitter – Send a Twitter message using the hashtag #QTATICM telling everyone something positive about your trip that day

I am not doing this to increase my Twitter followers so once I announce and contact the winner you can stop following me if you would like.

Note: Tickets do not get mailed out until the month of March, so once I notify the winner; which I will do on Sunday Feb. 27th, 2011 around 6:00p.m. be sure you have a good way for me to contact you once I receive the tickets from the IMS.

Sadness; no one participated so there was no winner. I will come up with a new contest in a few days.

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