School Visit – Follow-Up

This is a follow-up from my post regarding my visit to my son’s school two Fridays ago.

During my day at school I noticed once or twice that when Knight was looking at certain parts of the board, he was squinting ever so slightly. I brought this up with his mother and we discussed getting his eyes checked. Well, today was his appointment to see the optometrist and guess what; his vision is 80/20 in his left eye and 60/20 in his right eye. His sight is considered so bad that they do not carry the lens for his left eye and they have to special order it as most manufacturers do not make it in his size as children usually do not have such bad eye sight until they are at least 13 years old. The good news is, in seven to ten days he will have his new glasses (he picked out the frames) and we caught it sooner rather than later.

The weird thing is that he has never complained about this sight and we have never noticed anything out of the ordinary about his sight or him seeing anything. He has never had any headaches nor have we had any mention of this from his teachers or anyone else. So, the trip to school paid off big time. Not only for his education but also for his health. Now take a minute to think about what you might be missing by not visiting your child’s school.

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