Update of Happenings

It has been a busy couple of weeks since I posted my St. Patty’s Day happenings so I figured I would post a few updates as to what has been going on.

Knight has been in North Carolina with his mom on vacation this week so I am missing him a lot. He did write me an email to let me know he got a new Slingshot.

My iPhone broke two Thursdays ago and I ended up buying a new one on that Friday. It just so happens on that very same day my Acer 9800 gave up the ghost, perhaps for the very last time. I am still working to recover my data before I try to reinstall the OS to see if that will fix the problem but I am very doubtful that it will help as it appears to be a hardware issue.

The very next day I prepared my old Alienware Area 51 for service again and lo-and-behold it lasted for less than 24 hours before the power supply went out and due to it being a 1500watt power supply costing over $120 I am holding off replacing it until I know for sure that the laptop itself did not cause the issue.

I did get to attend my first IndyGeek.net meet-up at the Jersey Cafe which was a fun and learning experience with a lot of pretty nice people there. You should look up my Facebook account to see when the next one is so that you can attend.

Our new bunny ‘Gizmo’ seams to be learning his new routine and has only bitten me once since bringing him home. I did try to make an appointment to have him “Fixed” but at a cost of $255 I think I may need to wait for the outcome of my need of a new laptop.

So, that is about it for now. Hopefully I will have some sort of machine back up and running soon that I can use to work on at home and be able to post more frequently.


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