April Fools On Me – Need Balance In Life

OK, so today is April 1st and I figured what a better day than today to try to get rid of some of this bad luck I have been having of late. So from now on I am only thinking positive thoughts and I will see how that works out for me. Although I know everything will work out fine because everything in life balances out in the end.

The last few weeks have been just terribly unlucky for me as outlined below;

  • 03/17/2011 – iPhone 3gs broke and had to be replaced | Cost $300
  • 03/18/2011 – Acer 9800 laptop would not boot | Primary HD is shot and all data not backed up lost forever
  • 03/19/2011 – Alienware laptop set up to take over as primary but power supply went out | $129 for new battery & $139 for new power supply | If I decide to go that way
  • 03/25/2011 – Noise began in bathroom
  • 03/26/2011 – Began troubleshooting noise in bathroom | Found out I had a leak under the house and calculated the water loss at 4000 Gal. plus water heater had been on non-stop for a few days
  • 03/27/2011 – Purchased hammer Drill | this did not work | Rented Jack Hammer to tear up bathroom floor to get to broken pipe and fix | After 8 hours and $200 later leak finally fixed
  • 03/31/2011 – Had to buy materials to fix hole in bathroom floor and put sink back in | Cost $55
  • 04/01/2011 – Dropped off car to get an oil change and tire rotation | found out my radiator was busted and needed to be replaced | Cost $535 | I just spent $5000 earlier this year for new transmission and to have all oil seals and gaskets replaced along with all cooling lines/valves on intake manifold.

As you can see from those numbers I am out over $1000 just in the past few weeks and I did not have an extra grand lying around so I consider this very bad luck and I want it to stop. As stated above I am going with the power of positive thinking and due to that I have to believe that it will work for me.

Wish me luck!

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