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During a visit to my son’s school classroom I noticed him squinting a bit, so his mom and I decided he needed to get his eyes checked. His mother took him to Eyeglass World for his exam and glasses. It was discovered that he needed special lenses and they took two weeks to get made and put into the frames. Knight picked out his two pair of glasses and they are very nice and they appear that they will last a while even though he has already broken one pair and we returned them to get fixed under warranty. His mother did mention to me that both pair of glasses cost over $200 including the lenses and the exam.

This leads me to my visit; I noticed about a year ago that I could no longer read fine print without some difficulty so I decided I would go get my eyes checked also and figured I would also go to Eyeglass World seeing as how Knight described his experience with some enthusiasm and told me how nice they were. I made my appointment for 9:30am on a Friday morning so that I could take the day off and get a few other things done while I was at it and this is where my review comes in.

Now if you are like me and watch any TV at all you may have noticed Eyeglass World’s commercials advertising their special of two pair of glasses for $78 and the exam for $39. Well this is in fact true however; you should really read on to get the full story.

With my appointment being at 9:30am and having nothing else to do that early on a Friday I decided to get some breakfast and then head over for my eye exam. I arrived at Eyeglass World at 9:00am just as they were opening and I waited about 15 minutes prior to going in to allow the lady that I noticed opening up alone to get things ready and settle in.

I went in at about 9:15am and explained that I had a 9:30am appointment and the receptionist asked me to fill out some paperwork. I completed the paperwork and when I returned it to her she explained that the doctor was running a little bit behind. About 15 minutes later the receptionist came to me and stated that she would go ahead and get a couple of tests out of the way and took me back to an exam room to complete the glaucoma test and another test that I am not familiar with where you look into the machine at a picture of a long country road with a red barn at the end of it and the focus goes in and out.

After the tests by the receptionist I went back out to continue waiting and finally the doctor showed up at around 10:00am. Of course the doctor had to take a few minutes to herself and get settled in also. At about 10:15am the doctor took me back to the exam room and completed all of the needed tests and confirmed what I  had thought; I just needed reading glasses.

During my periods of waiting I had been looking through all of the frames they have on the wall trying to decide which ones I would get and decided on two pair. While waiting again for someone to help me with finalizing the process of actually getting the glasses I needed, I noticed another person arrive in a lab coat and she explained to the receptionist that she was their technician for the day from another location. This is the person I had to wait for as she also had to get settled in and get familiarized with several items around the store.

Once this technician was all settled in she called my name and asked me if I had picked out frames yet. I explained that I had and took her to the two pair that I had picked out. She led me to a desk where she measured me for the lenses, explained that they would be ready at around 4:00pm, and rang me up for a total of $239.

I did come back at 4:00pm and my glasses were almost finished but I had to wait for just a bit as they were busy helping other customers. My first pair came out, I tried them on and they fit just fine and I could read the little test card perfectly. I had to wait about ten more minutes for my second pair to be finished and I had the same result with them, fit and focus were both fine.

Now the review portion:


  • Very professional and friendly service was provided by everyone that I interacted with on the day that I went.
  • I love my glasses even though I only wear them when I read


  • The location I went to was obviously short staffed on the day I went and this led to me being just a bit frustrated with the whole ordeal of getting glasses and it costing me $239.
  • There was not two pair of glasses in the entire store that I would have made even my worst enemy wear on a bad day that you could get for $78.


  • I believe that my overall experience was a good one considering the circumstances of the store being short staffed and the doctor being late.
  • I would rather not have paid $200 for my glasses that I will only wear to read but it is always good to get your eyes checked and $39 for the exam is not a bad deal.


I only gave them a three star rating due to the fact that the store was definitely unprepared for being short staffed which extended my visit by at least an hour over the two trips there and the fact that they advertise the two pair for $78 and those glasses were very had to find on the shelves and I do not believe most people would wear them anyway but if you were short on money and needed glasses this would not be a problem. I would recommend Eyeglass World to others even though my experience was less than stellar.

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