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As of 05.04.2011 my blog has been up for a few months and I started it just as an outlet to write and provide insight into my daily life with my son and all the things we do together. Since that time I have begun writing for and have found that I really like to write and would like for my blog to mean something and to add value to any readers I may have. So I am changing the focus of my website to hopefully add value to my community.

I had posted a week or so ago about attending Volunteer opportunities, documenting and photographing the happenings at each so as to maybe draw more people into volunteering in their community without giving up fun or family time with their loved ones.  I will still continue to work with such organizations as I attend them so as to achieve that goal.

However, I am going to be directing my focus of my blog posts to reviews of all the places that I visit. I happen to go to a lot of places and most of them are every day places that you yourself go to and I see people all the time asking ‘how was this place’ or ‘how did you like that place.’ Well, I am going to document my experiences in a way that may be of value to my readers and also the businesses if they want to truly know how the average person feels about their business or the way they do business.

What are my qualifications to do this in a way that will add value to my community you ask? I feel that I have the insight and observational skills required to identify the nuances of even the slightest details when I walk into an establishment. I also am pretty much an “expert” at knowing what the average consumer expects in any given situation when it comes to customer service and dealing with customers when things go right or wrong. That is exactly what I did for a living for the past 10+ years and I was good and successful at that.

Wish me luck and I will be writing my first review soon so keep an eye out for it.


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