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At WeReviewU we are reviewing each location based on customer expectations and if they were met or not, and not the quality of the food, product, or service specifically. There are food critiques and product reviews out there for that. We are here to measure overall customer satisfaction.

A lot of retailers and restaurants say that they are committed to ensuring the customer’s experience is a good experience, but how many of them actually live up to the standard that they have set for themselves? This is where we come in by reviewing what the expectation was prior to the experience and then comparing that to exactly how the experience was in reality.

We rate on a typical five star scale, and again this I not a measurement of how well or how bad the food was for a restaurant, unless, that is what was outlined in the review summary as the area where the business failed to meet the expectation of the customer.

I could go on and on about everything we will look for during our reviews but it will be specific to each location type and what the original expectations were. For example, if we were to review a restaurant we will be looking for the staff to be friendly, accommodating, and courteous and the food to come in a timely manner and as we ordered it. We will also be looking for cleanliness of the establishment and what kind of atmosphere was generated by the staff and other patrons. These are just a few items but hopefully you get the idea of what we will be looking for.

If you are a business and come here to see a review and want more information and specifics please use our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. However, for unpaid reviews we will not be releasing any names of individuals mentioned in our reviews and involved in your organization for any reason. If you take offense to a published review, then please reread it and see where your organization failed to meet the customer expectations for the level of service that was provided. If you have not set expectations for your customers then you should realize and not be surprised that that leaves the customer open to set their own expectations which sometimes may sound unreasonable to you.

Besides offering our review service we also offer post review consultation on how to improve the customer experience and address any issues we found during our review. Our consultation can include anything from Customer Service and setting customer expectations to Social Media usage and anything in between.

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