Tie Dye Grill [Review]

When I decided to write this review I was thinking that I should be careful about how this ends up going as you could throw a rock from their parking lot and hit my house if you wanted to. But I was not really worried because the reason I decided to write this review is that I have had first hand experience in meeting Shayne and Jan Dye at different social media events around Indy and both of them are great people that have a passion for what they do that is rarely seen in restaurant owners.

I have visited the Tie Dye Grill many times and have always had great customer service and even better food. If you have never been there before your first visit should be on a Friday when you can have their Fish Fry Friday special or stop by on Tenderloin Tuesday, they are both delicious. No, but seriously, you should look at their menu over on their site and see all of the great food they have to offer. I am sure you will find something that will excite your taste buds.

Ok, on with the review; I have tried about 20+ item on the menu and each and every one of the dishes were just as good as the one before. While waiting on my food to be prepared I watch the action in the kitchen and admire the way Shayne directs his staff and puts together the orders. The kitchen appears to run very smooth no matter how busy they get. You can tell that he was born to run a kitchen and does so very efficiently.

Jan always has a smile, manages the wait staff, completes a myriad of other tasks and all the while taking the time to be interactive with her customers and ensuring they are happy with their food and service. You can tell that she definitely and genuinely cares about each and every person she interacts with and I believe she instills this into her staff as well.

Now that I have told you how great the food and service is at the Tie Dye Gill and if you still need another reason to go it would probably be that both Shayne and Jan are very active in their community via social media and in person. They do not run their establishment as just another place to eat and take your money, it is more like a family dining room where you always feel welcomed and can be comfortable while enjoying the atmosphere and other patrons as everyone just seams so damn friendly.

Tie Dye Grill Website

Tie Dye Grill Facebook Page

Tie Dye Grill on Twitter

Tie Dye Grill on YouTube


  • Everyone working there appears to enjoy what they are doing and are always friendly and smiling.
  • There is always the feeling of being welcomed when dining at the restaurant.
  • They provide great food at great prices and put their hearts into everything they serve.


  • They are not open 24×7 (sometimes I crave Tenderloins at 3:00am)


  • If you ever decide that you want to open up a grill, cafe or restaurant you should take notes from this duo on how to do it right.
  • Top notch food and service always served with a smile by friendly staff.
  • They are moving to a new location soon and they have more information about this on their Facebook page.


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