The year that was almost, but not quite what I expected it to be.

Well, I started off this year with many big plans, goals and ambitions. Most of which fell through but I still accomplished much and feel as though it was a good year when it comes to what matters most. I was able to spend a lot of quality time with my son Knight and we were able to have many valuable experiences together.

Save more money – this was not accomplished due to the fact that I put a total of $11,500 into my car to ensure that it will last many more years. I chose this route over buying a new car for several different reasons but the biggest one was my credit at this moment and the fact that I was going through filing bankruptcy for the past two years.

Do more volunteering with Knight – We had planned on doing many volunteer activities together and were able to do several but not as many as we had hoped. I had also planned on documenting them and posting them to my blog but due to several time constraints where I had to prioritize my time in other areas I was not able to do so. But at least we were able to volunteer and help out people that were less fortunate or in more need than ourselves.

Take a real good vacation to an exotic place with Knight – We ended up spending a week at the Jellystone Park resort next to Six Flags in St. Louis. This was quality time away together but Six Flags is just not what it used to be and does not compare to our Cancun vacation of last year. Maybe next year we can go to Germany and spend some time there together.

Fix several things that needed to be repaired around the house – I started a couple of projects but in the long run I did not have the financial wherewithal to get what needed to be done accomplished. My current house sits on a slab and all of the pipes underneath need to be replaced and the lowest estimate I have gotten is $30k which only covers jack-hammering up the concrete and replacing the pipes. This estimate does not include replacing/fixing the wood floors and carpets afterwards.

Get my bankruptcy case finalized – Due to me resigning my previous position which allowed me to spend more time with my son (which has been great!) I no longer had the means to afford many things that I had been able to previously and this caused me to file bankruptcy in order to stay in my home. Ok, the bankruptcy went through, finally after two years but within a couple of months, my finance company raised my mortgage over 25% and that along with the $30k in repairs that was needed on the house, I have decided to just give up on our home of ten years.

Continue to write and update my blog – I had readdressed what I wanted to do with my blog and decided to write reviews on all things Indy as my son and I get around a lot and have extreme experiences which means either things go really good or really bad. I wanted to document these but do to house hunting and car issues I was not able to consistently keep this up. Reevaluating blog purpose now and will continue to write as time permits.

So even though many things did not go the way I had hoped for or planned, the most important things in my life panned out. My son has been on Honor Roll or High Honor Roll every semester since I resigned and I tried to ensure every minute we spent together was of the utmost quality.

My car is in top shape and I am able to make it to work and get around. We have found a nice home to move into over the next month or so and I am happy with my life.

I guess the point of this post is to point out that no matter how bad things get or plans go askew there is always a bright side to look at. Just stay focused on the important things in life and everything else will happen regardless if you worry about them, stress over them or even plan them down to the last detail.

So, until the next post, I bid you adieu and wish for you to be able to identify what is most important you and be successful in those endeavors.


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