Kielbasa Stew Recipe

This stew is great any time but especially in the winter months. The Kielbasa, green beans and potato flavors just compliment each other so well and I usually serve it with fresh warm sourdough bread.
This is an easy recipes and does not take very long at all to prepare. I believe the longest it has ever taken me to prepare …

Training Spend During Financially Hard Times

How has your company’s investment in training changed since the recession started?

During hard financial times training should be the very last area to make cost reductions just for the sake of reducing spend rate. The more qualified people that you hire and train; the more productive they will be and in turn increase revenue.
Our company has not specifically cut back …

Recruiting/Staffing Agencies & Lessons Learned

The answers below represent some of the lessons learned over the last 10 years with different recruiting/staffing agencies that we have done business with.
What do you wish a recruiter had told you?
I wish several of the agencies would have told me that they really didn’t care about the quality of employees that they sent us. They were just shooting for …

The Gift?

The King gave me his daughter,
And said, “keep her for your own”
The King gave me his scepter,
And said, “Sit upon my throne”
The King gave me his kingdom,
And said, “to all let it be known”
The King gave me his problems,
And he left me all alone
Circa 1985 – by CD

Words to Live By

‘Don’t ever get angry at a man for stating the truth.’
Ayn Rand (Atlas Shrugged)
If only more people could remember this and understand it, the world would run a lot smoother. Think about it, how many times a week or even a day do you ask someone a question and then take offence to their answer, get angry, or want to …