The year that was almost, but not quite what I expected it to be.

Well, I started off this year with many big plans, goals and ambitions. Most of which fell through but I still accomplished much and feel as though it was a good year when it comes to what matters most. I was able to spend a lot of quality time with my son Knight and we were able to have many …

Tie Dye Grill [Review]

When I decided to write this review I was thinking that I should be careful about how this ends up going as you could throw a rock from their parking lot and hit my house if you wanted to. But I was not really worried because the reason I decided to write this review is that I have had first hand experience …

Steak and Shake [Review]

This review is on not one but two different Steak and Shake restaurants. I am doing this as a combined review to give you insight on how the same brand can provide different service results based on location. If the brand has a point, focus and goal that sets the customer expectation, then you would think that this would be …

About: WeReviewU Rating System

At WeReviewU we are reviewing each location based on customer expectations and if they were met or not, and not the quality of the food, product, or service specifically. There are food critiques and product reviews out there for that. We are here to measure overall customer satisfaction.
A lot of retailers and restaurants say that they are committed to ensuring …

Three Very Annoying Ring Tones

Just for the fun of it and because someone asked me to post these; here are three of the most annoying ringtones ever.
Daft – Punk

I had to add this